Hello, my name is Ashley Bliss and I can say one important part of who I am is a lover of all the arts. After spending years in a darkroom in college, I earned a BFA in fine art Photography from Missouri State University. Twelve years later I decided to bridge the gap of knowledge between the darkroom and my computer. I decided I was going to go back to school and study Graphic Design. To my complete surprise, I got really lucky in that I fell in love with Graphic Design the same way I love photography. Having passion for my work is extremely important to me.

In December 2018, I earned an AA in Graphic Design from MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA. Being required to take Web Design courses for this degree made me realize that I actually do love Web Design as well. Being able to create websites and other Web Design applications with just your keyboard is so cool to me! I have 2 classes left to earn my AA in Web Design from MiraCosta. Due to the offering of these 2 classes I will complete this degree in May 2020.

Being creative, capturing special moments on film, telling a compelling video story, creating beautiful pieces of art on my computer, and building awesome websites for clients is a future I would love to have as a creative arts professional.